Director's Statement:

Like a lot of people I’ve wondered about time travel and the rules we put in place to explain its possibility.Thousands of stories exist about time travel in cinema, theatre and literature.

One story I thought would be great to tell, was my own childhood experience with trying to understand it with a young mind, and then trying to explain it to others.We all know there are rules to time travel, but actually testing these rules is something that seems fictional and silly.

‘Time’ is about one young boy’s exploration that the foolish idea of time travel might be possible.

The lead character, a 12-year-old named James, already endures a dysfunctional upbringing but now has to deal with the consequences of his own beliefs and the reactions of others from his school.

Producer's Statement:

When I turned to Liam earlier this year and said "Mate, let's make something for Tropfest this year, got any ideas?"  I didn't expect him to give me this script....... He could have written a small film, a quirkey love story comedy or a psycological drama set in the front seat of a car. But no he HAD to give me this script........ And now I HAVE to make this script. Once you read it, there is no un-reading it, you know the story and you know the story needs to be told.

So now WE have to make this story..........